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Allstorage self storage aluguer de arrecadações mini armazens em Lisboa, Saldanha, Benfica, Sete-Rios

Self storage near me

From 1 m2 to 25 m2, monthly contracts, without bureaucracy. Various sizes and prices starting at 55 €

Individuals, companies, students, etc.

Price table monthly values

1,5 sqm


6 sqm


2 sqm


8 sqm


3 sqm


9 sqm


4 sqm


12 sqm


5 sqm


15 sqm


Using self storage near me can be advantageous for several reasons:

Accessibility: Having self storage nearby makes it easier and more convenient to access my belongings whenever necessary, without having to travel long distances.

Ease of management: If I need to store or remove items regularly, having self-storage nearby makes it easier to manage and organize my belongings.

Security: Knowing that my belongings are stored nearby offers an additional sense of security, as I can monitor and check the space more frequently.

Saving time and money: I avoid spending time and money on long trips to store or retrieve my belongings. Additionally, I can choose a nearby self-storage facility that offers competitive prices, which can result in financial savings in the long term.

Local support: Choosing self storage near me means I'm supporting a local business, which can be important for the community and local economy.

In short, choosing self storage near me offers convenience, security and savings, making it an attractive option for storing my belongings.

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Sign the contract Online

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Cancel your contract and leave the same month


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24 hour CCTV

Flexible  Leases

Without guarantor

Young couple in new apartment with small
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