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Allstorage self storage aluguer de arrecadações mini armazens em Lisboa, Saldanha, Benfica, Sete-Rios

Rental of storage rooms, mini-warehouses self storage

From 1 m2 to 25 m2, monthly contracts, without bureaucracy. Various sizes and prices starting at 55 €

Individuals, companies, students, etc.

Why Use Self Storage ​ ​

  1. Lack of space at home: Many people live in small or shared homes, where storage space is limited. Self storage offers a solution for storing extra items that don't fit in your home.

  2. Moving: During periods of change, whether for personal or professional reasons, self storage is useful for temporarily storing belongings until a new home or office is ready to receive them.

  3. Extended trips: For those who are planning to travel for a long period of time, storing belongings in self-storage can be a safer and more convenient alternative than leaving them at home or with family members.

  4. Storing seasonal items: Winter clothing, summer sports equipment, Christmas decorations and other seasonal items can take up valuable space in the home during the part of the year when they are not in use. Self storage provides a safe place to store these items until they are needed again.

Commercial document and file storage: Companies often use self-storage services to store important documents, archives and additional stock in a secure and accessible way. ​
These are just a few of the reasons people choose to use self-storage services, but individual needs can vary widely.

1,5 sqm


4 sqm


8 sqm


15 sqm


2 sqm


5 sqm


9 sqm


3 sqm


6 sqm


12 sqm


​Price table monthly values

​Each location has different prices, below is the price table for the Benfica unit, to see other locations click on the image of the desired unit

  • What can I store?
    Almost anything, as long as it's not illegal, dangerous, flammable, perishable or alive. In other words, all types of products and materials, as long as they are not: Food Perishable goods Explosive and flammable, or dangerous materials Illegal products, the storage of which implies the possibility of violating any law or regulation of any public authority Animals Money jewels, stones and precious metals
  • What is the minimum Contract period?
    The minimum period of stay is 30 days, and the contract is tailored to your needs. You can enter on the date you want, however, you must confirm the availability of the box you want.
  • Can I start my contract on any day of the month?
    Yes, you can enter on any day of the month. The value of the rent is calculated proportionally depending on the date on which the contract is signed.
  • What documents do I need to conclude a rental contract?
    To conclude the lease contract, you will need the following documents:Individuals: Proof of Address, Proof of IBAN, Citizen card or passport, NIFCompanies: Permanent Certificate Code, Proof of Address, Proof of IBAN, NIF
  • What is the payment method?
    Payment of rent will be made by direct debit using the indicated IBAN

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Sign the contract Online

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Cancel your contract and leave the same month


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24 hour CCTV

Flexible  Leases

Without guarantor

Young couple in new apartment with small

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